Air Hockey Table

Air hockey tables have been manufactured since 1972 and, as you can imagine, whilst the premise remains the same, the quality of the technology involved has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last forty years.

There are a number of things that you need to consider before purchasing your air hockey table: what type, what size, what features and what level of durability. The combination of these choices will determine the price bracket of the table. And, of course, how deep your pockets are!

The obvious choice would be a standard standalone air hockey table if you're going to play on a regular basis. However, if you're pushed for space you might want to consider a tabletop version or a convertible table. Tabletop air hockey means that the game is placed on top of an existing table, say in the dining room or kitchen. Perfect as a space saver! A convertible table also masquerades as a ping-pong table or a pool table or another kind of table game. Obviously, though, if you have the funds and space, you should always go for a standalone table.

Air hockey tables vary widely in size, which includes height, length and width. If your game is to be played by children alone, consider a child's version, which has shorter legs. They are also shorter in length. For tournament purposes the US Air Table Hockey Association use 8ft tables, but these will rarely fit into peoples' homes comfortably. Usually for the domestic market 7ft by 4ft is considered full sized and has the added bonus of fitting either two or four players.

If you want an all-singing, all-dancing table then the addition of an electronic scoreboard is essential. It certainly means that there can be no arguments about who is winning and who is losing! Make sure that the table that you buy comes with the mallets included plus additional pucks. If a puck flies off the table and goes under the sofa, it would be terrible to have to abandon the game, especially if it's you that's winning.

And lastly, pick a table that looks good! This will likely be a substantial piece of furniture in the space that it's destined for so something that is beautifully finished with attention to details is a must. Chrome and black are the bee's knees of air hockey tables and suit both the office and home environment.